Monday, April 2, 2018

Enter Rejoice

Enter rejoice and come in
Open your heart to the Lord
Today will be a joyful Day
Enter rejoice and come in.

Gather us all in your love
Gather us all in your love
I now resound a joyful day
Gather us all in your love

Glory to God, Glory (2X)
That we me be one body be
Glory to God , Glory

Sing Alleluia, Sing Alleluia
Today will be a Joyful Day
Sing Alleluia..

Easter Greetings From Holy Spirit

"Golden Celebrant"

"Dungog Ug Himaya"

"Hulog Ka Ng Langit"

"In His Time"

"Salamat Sa Dios"

"Thank You Lord"

"God Alone"

"As The Deer"

"We Will Magnify"

"God With Us"

" Sure Foundation"

"Stella Maris"

" Father Make Us One"

"Offering Of Love"

"By Your Side"




"Bag-ong Paraiso"